Open.OC 2 - combine a proven autopilot and powerful computer for Artificial Intelligence applications in robotics

Based on NVIDIA Jetson and the Cube autopilot.

  • Combine the computational power of a Jetson module with an advanced autopilot.
  • Redundant power supplies for the autopilot, power rail monitoring.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Support for multiple cameras and audio.
  • Support for stereovision.
  • Mini-PCIe slot for robust telemetry cards (4G, Wi-Fi, etc.) or expansion cards (M.2 adaptor can be used).
  • Tested with Open.HD for long range telemetry.
  • Carrier board made in Europe.

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Stock available. Please contact us for more information. Custom design can be made on request.

Autonomous landing on moving platforms

Our R&D team is actively doing research on autonomous landing on moving platforms.

  • Innovative docking technology protected by two patents.
  • Robust solution in extreme flying conditions.
  • High performance vision positioning system (day and night).
  • Sensor fusion and vehicle position estimation.
Applications: offshore wind turbine inspection, forest fire monitoring, etc.

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Based in France, our office offers its multidisciplinary skills in embedded software, electronics and mechatronics. Our expertise in project management and our network of partners allow us to propose complete solutions to our customers from the definition of the specifications to the production.

  • High-speed circuit design with MIPI CSI-2, PCIe, USB3.0, etc.
  • Hardware design around Jetson module and microcontrollers.
  • Custom design for camera sensor (Sony IMX, etc.).
  • Network of partners for production and testing.
  • Development on microcontrollers.
  • Development in VHDL for FPGA (Xilinx Spartan-7, Xilinx Zynq, etc.).
  • Embedded vision processing.
  • Development of custom modules for ArduCopter.
  • Complete simulation environment for ArduCopter and companion computer.
  • Development of GUI on laptop, tablet or microcontroller.
  • Development on QGroundControl for drone applications.
  • CAD design.
  • Network of partners for production.

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